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New Enrollment Center in Bissau

1 July 2024

Semlex Guinea-Bissau, a subsidiary of Semlex, is pleased to announce the opening of a new biometric enrollment center in the Bairro Antula neighborhood of Bissau. This development is part of our public-private partnership with the Ministry of Justice of Guinea-Bissau, in place since 2006, aimed at producing secure ECOWAS identity cards in compliance with international ICAO standards.

Since the implementation of the identity card system in Guinea-Bissau, we have established a main production center in Bissau, Alto Bandim, and opened several provincial centers in the regional capitals of Gabú, Buba, Bafatá, and Catió, as well as in the towns of Canchungo, Mansoa, Ingoré, Quinhámel, and Bubaque. In Bissau, we are already present in the neighborhoods of Bairro Santa Luzia, Bairro Militar, and Bairro Ajuda. With the opening of this new center in Bairro Antula, we continue our commitment to providing accessible services to the population.

Citizens can obtain their national identity card (CNI) on average within 48 hours at the enrollment sites in the capital and within 7 days for the provincial capitals and other towns in the country. This swift processing time is made possible by our modern infrastructure and dedicated staff.

Semlex Guinea-Bissau collaborates with around forty dedicated individuals to ensure high-quality biometric enrollments and the issuance of secure documents. For over 18 years, we have been adapting our technologies to meet new challenges and the ongoing modernization of processes.

The identity card system in Guinea-Bissau, managed by the Directorate of Identification of the Ministry of Justice, is based on biometric enrollment and a deduplication system, allowing for the assignment of a unique identity number. This number follows each citizen through their administrative procedures throughout their life.

We are proud to contribute to the improvement of identification services in Guinea-Bissau and to actively participate in the modernization of the country’s administrative infrastructure.