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On the Road to Energy Transition

29 May 2024

In a world where environmental awareness is becoming increasingly crucial, companies are being called upon to rethink their operations to reduce their carbon footprint. It is in this spirit that Semlex Ivory Coast, a subsidiary of the Semlex Group, took a significant step by powering its data center with solar energy on April 27, 2024.

This change marks a key moment in Semlex Ivory Coast’s journey towards energy sustainability. The data center, now fully powered by solar energy, is operational thanks to the installation of 268 solar panels across the entire roof of the building, along with 64 energy storage batteries with a capacity of 6400 Ah.

This transition to clean and renewable energy demonstrates Semlex Ivory Coast’s commitment to reducing its ecological footprint and actively contributing to the fight against climate change. But this initiative goes beyond its immediate environmental benefits; it also embodies the vision of the Semlex Group, whose core values include respect for the environment.

Today, the energy transition is an undeniable necessity, especially in the context of data centers, which have become major contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. By opting for a clean and renewable energy source, Semlex Ivory Coast shows its determination to play a proactive role in the transition to a less polluting economy.

The activation of the solar-powered electricity supply for Semlex Ivory Coast’s data center thus marks an important step towards a low-carbon economy. This achievement demonstrates that companies have the power to lead the change towards a more sustainable future. The adoption of innovative and technological solutions such as solar energy can be beneficial for both the environment and the economy.

By choosing to prioritize an environmentally friendly approach, Semlex Ivory Coast sets an example for sustainable and responsible economic growth. This initiative also reflects Semlex’s ongoing commitment to its core values, including respect for the environment and corporate social responsibility.