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Semlex produces deeds certificates & diplomas (digital or paper) and other documents requiring protection for many institutions.

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In order to guarantee the fiduciary security of your documents and to avoid their falsification, technical characteristics are proposed to you:

Paper characteristics

Booklet paper will offer appropriate ruggedness and absorption characteristics and may contain fibers with fluorescent properties. These fibers can be visible (colored fibers) or invisible under normal light. The pages can be assembled by a sewing thread that reacts in one or more colors under UV exposure.

Hot foil stamping

Hot foil stamping mainly involves the transfer of foil by means of a heated stamping die.

Optically variable ink (OVI)

Printing ink containing optically variable pigments, which will show large color shifts (strong variations in color) depending on the angle of observation or lighting.

Photochromic ink

Pattern appearing under the sunlight, remaining observable some time after exposure.

Fluorescent UV ink

Ink containing fluorescent substances (pigments) which is used to print text or patterns. This type of ink is invisible under normal light and fluoresces under UV light.


Picture, text, or pattern incorporated into the paper during manufacture by displacement of the paper fibers, leading to a varying thickness of the paper.


Fine (intricate) designs consisting of interlaced continuous lines arranged in geometric patterns with the aim of raising the barrier for re-origination and reproduction.


3D image with relief effect.

Rainbow coloring

Coloring process used to protect security documents against color separation or copying, by subtly merging colors into each other resulting in a gradual color change.

Chemical markers

Safety reactants (acids, alkalis, bleaches) as protection against attempts at falsification by chemical erasure.


Lines or patterns made up of very small letters or numbers that are barely perceptible to the eye.

Anti-scan/copy patterns

Printed security features integrated in the background printing to protect against simulation through copying. The printed images and patterns contain embedded (hidden) information that is invisible to the naked eye under normal inspection conditions but becomes visible or legible, or causes flaws (mistakes) to appear after copying or reproduction with a scanner.

Hidden word

Word or drawing revealed using the appropriate filter.

Numbering (black laser or inkjet)

A unique sequential number printed on or perforated in a document and used for identification. This uniqueness ensures the traceability of the document in case of loss or theft.

Intaglio printing and latent image

Printing technique whereby the image to be printed is etched or engraved in the surface of a printing plate. This technique is suitable for the effect of a latent image, which appears depending on the angle of the oblique light.

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Semlex comes with a complete range of tailormade identification solutions adapted to infrastructures and systems available on the territory.

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