Biometric cards

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In order to meet the increasing requirements in terms of security, Semlex offers a wide range of biometric cards.


General specifications

Always with the aim of providing documents that meet the latest standards, Semlex offers a card with the following characteristics:

ID format 1

Credit card size, rectangular form, rounded edges.


8.6 x 5.4 cm and thickness 0.76 mm or CR 80.

Corresponding to standards

ISO 7810 / ISO 7812 / ISO 7816 / ISO 7813 / ISO 10373.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), PETf or polycarbonate (PC).

Tailor-made adaptation

These features are not restricted and may be adjusted as per the government’s needs.

Our securities

Semlex offers a quality design that can incorporate the following safety features:

Infrared ink

Ink visible only under infrared light.

Metallic ink

Metallic pigments are used as components of printing inks to produce surfaces with a metallic sheen. Metallic ink is a typical anti-copy ink.

Optically variable ink (OVI)

Printing ink containing optically variable pigments will show large color shifts depending on the angle of observation.

Photochromic ink

Photochromic inks change their color when exposed to sunlight and remain for a certain time before the color reverts to its original state.

Fluorescent UV ink

Patterns printed with an ink visible only under ultraviolet.


Fine (intricate) designs consisting of interlaced continuous lines arranged in geometric patterns with the aim of raising the barrier for re-origination and reproduction.


Diffractive structure changing appearance according to the inclination of the document.

Rainbow coloring

This coloring process is used to protect security documents against color separation or copying, by subtly merging colors into each other resulting in a gradual color change.


Lines or patterns made up of very small letters or numbers that are barely perceptible to the eye and that basic methods of reproduction cannot reproduce.

Anti-scan / anti-copy patterns

Printed security features containing embedded information invisible to the naked eye under normal viewing conditions, but becoming visible or legible, or causing defects (anomalies) after copying or reproducing with a scanner.

Laser engraved numbering

A unique sequential number that is printed or perforated in a document, which allows a document to be traced if it is lost or stolen.

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Semlex comes with a complete range of tailormade identification solutions adapted to infrastructures and systems available on the territory.

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