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Semlex provides solutions to secure identification and authentification using biometric information.

Semlex allows each citizen to have a secured identity.

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We have the required means to supply BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) or PPP (Public-Private Partnership) solutions.


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Gambia: Training of the Orbis system

In January, Semlex Europe had the pleasure of welcoming the Gambian delegation to its offices, made up of the head of the delegation (Perman…

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Second edition of the Safety Awards

As World Data Protection Day approaches, Semlex Ivory Coast held the second edition of the Security Awards Ceremony….

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Teambuilding about our values

Values play an important role in the construction of the corporate culture because they are addressed to its employees: they make it possibl…

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African Civil Status Day in Bonon

Over the past ten years, the issue of the registration of civil status events has been in the spotlight in national and international public…

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Semlex at the 17th ICAO TRIP Symposium

Semlex will participate in the next edition of the TRIP (Traveler Identification Programme) Symposium organized by the International Civil A…

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Presentation of the Identity Verification Terminal in Ivory Coast

On Wednesday, July 13, 2022, ONECI organized a ceremony to present the Identity Verification Terminal as part of the implementation of the N…

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