Guinea-Bissau renews contract with Semlex

Located on the Atlantic coast of West Africa, the Republic of Guinea-Bissau covers an area of ​​36,125km² and currently has a population of over 2 million. For the good development of its national registry, the country has decided to find a reliable partner.

This is why, since 2006, the Republic of Guinea-Bissau has trusted Semlex for the establishment of a national system for the management and issuance of electronic and biometric national identity cards. Our cards respect the standards of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Today, the Semlex group is proud to renew this collaboration with the Ministry of Justice. We now have 9 centers. The main center is in the capital of Guinea-Bissau (Bissau) and deals with both production and enrollment. The other eight are distributed in different regions of the country in order to make enrollment accessible to the entire population.

Semlex also financed the National Center for the production of biometric documents in Bissau and the equipment deployed in the various regions.

This contract renewal will allow the Republic of Guinea-Bissau to increase its production capacity.


Discover the inauguration of the Biometric Document Production Center in Guinea-Bissau:

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