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Semlex Ivory Coast Award Ceremony

22 January 2024

On December 15, 2023, the Casino at the Sofitel Hotel Ivoire in Abidjan hosted an exceptional ceremony organized by Semlex Ivory Coast, the technical partner of the National Office of Civil Status and Identification (ONECI). This significant event aimed to celebrate and reward the company’s employees whose contribution has greatly strengthened the security of the identification and civil status system in Ivory Coast.

Semlex, as a key player in the field of information security, dedicated this evening to honoring its collaborators, emphasizing a culture of excellence that permeates every aspect of the company. Placing information security at the core of its activities, Semlex Ivory Coast sought to boost the competitiveness and commitment of its teams in this crucial area.

The event was marked by a significant moment, the implementation of an electronic voting system, allowing each employee to select the winners in different categories. Among the awards presented were prizes such as the “IT Security Quarter-hour,” “Phishing,” “Operations Security,” “IT Security Vigilance,” “Transport Security,” “Secure Cleaning,” and the prestigious “Super Security Prize 2023,” symbolizing excellence and outstanding commitment to security.

The winners, elected by their peers through electronic votes, were announced at the end of the evening, after being presented to the audience via a video projection. Each award, beyond recognition, was accompanied by special rewards, emphasizing the importance that Semlex Ivory Coast places on recognizing the outstanding performances of its employees.

The ceremony began under the auspices of Semlex Ivory Coast’s General Manager, Stanislas Le Page, who opened the event with words of appreciation for the employees. He highlighted the company’s continued commitment to excellence and security in its operations, promising to maintain this momentum in the future.

In summary, the evening was a well-deserved celebration of the commitment, competence, and innovation of Semlex Ivory Coast’s employees, thereby reinforcing the company’s reputation as a trusted technical partner for the National Office of Civil Status and Identification (ONECI).