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A 007-themed Team Building

8 November 2023

Last September, the Semlex Ivory Coast subsidiary met for a teambuilding event which left everyone with a memorable memory. Far from work meetings and discussions on projects, this evening was an opportunity to strengthen ties within the team in a relaxed and festive setting, inspired by the world of agent 007.

The evening began at the Onomo hotel, a venue chosen for its elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, putting our colleagues in the shoes of renowned secret agents. Costumes and evening dresses were required, and everyone took part with enthusiasm.

This moment hosted by the artist Juste-Crépin Gondo allowed the Semlex Ivory Coast team to get closer, to share a gala dinner and to have a little atmosphere. Away from our offices, we shared moments of conviviality, established new contacts and strengthened existing links. This complicity will undoubtedly contribute to improving our collaboration within the company.

The Managing Director of Semlex Ivory Coast, Stanislas Le Page, shared his impressions: “This evening was a great success. It allowed our team to relax, have fun and get to know each other better. I would like to thank everyone who helped make this evening an unforgettable one.”

Here are some photos from the evening: