Semlex Europe S.A. privacy statement

Semlex Europe S.A. respects privacy legislation. Continue reading to find out what that means in practice.

How does Semlex Europe S.A. collect personal data?

Semlex Europe S.A. only collects personal data that is shared with us by you or a third party, for the purpose of providing the requested services .

What personal data is processed?

Semlex Europe S.A. only collects personal data needed in order to provide a service that you have requested (or that has been requested by a third party).

When and why is personal data processed?

Semlex Europe S.A. only processes personal data in certain cases:
– if you have given your explicit consent; or
– if it is necessary to process it in order to provide a service that you have requested; or
– if we are legally obliged to process this data; or
– if there is a public or legitimate interest in doing so.

How is personal data processed?

– The details of legally minor persons and sensitive personal data (e.g. a bank account number) are always processed confidentially and are never disclosed.
– Your data is only used for the purpose of providing services that you have requested (provided that the conditions described in the previous paragraph are satisfied): for example if you subscribe to one or more newsletters, we will only use your data to send you these. Each newsletter gives you the option to unsubscribe.
– We never share your details with third parties for commercial purposes.

How long is my personal data stored?
– If you submit an application, if you request a quote we store your details for as long as necessary in order to properly fulfil your request.
– Semlex Europe S.A. can also decide to store certain cumulative data on a more long term basis, in order to evaluate and improve our operations. No identifiable personal details are required for this purpose.

Is my personal data stored securely?

Your data is processed securely. We use various technologies and security measures to this end, in order to ensure that your data is properly protected from any unauthorised access, use, loss or disclosure. This technology and these measures are periodically tested and altered if necessary.

What can I personally do with regards to my data?

– If you wish to modify any of your details, you can contact us on
– You have the right to be ‘forgotten’. To exercise this right, contact
– You can view the personal data, processed by Semlex Europe S.A. at any time, and correct or delete any incorrect or incomplete data if necessary. If you have an online profile, you can delete or modify your own personal data.
– If you believe that your personal data is being used improperly, you can make a complaint to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy.

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