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Digital identification

11 May 2023

Several governments are considering replacing physical identification of travelers with verified digital versions, which would enable real-time authentication of travelers’ identities.

Semlex has played a key role in the development of this technology. The company offers advanced identification and security solutions, such as biometric passports, which contain the holder’s biometric data stored on an electronic chip. This advanced technology uses a public key infrastructure (PKI) to authenticate the data electronically stored in the passport chip, making the passport difficult to counterfeit.

Today, millions of passports are issued every year, and countries issue a varying number of passports to their citizens, depending on the social, economic, and political circumstances of the country and the needs of its citizens. Semlex’s identification and security solutions help governments meet these needs by providing effective and secure means of authenticating travelers’ identities.

Ultimately, digital identification of travelers is the future of the travel industry, and Semlex is at the forefront of this revolution.

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