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“Without infrastructure, there is no hygiene or education”

1 August 2021

Without infrastructure, a country is nothing…. no hospitals, no bridges, no roads, no schools, no train stations, no electricity, no access to drinking water… in other words nothing would be accessible for citizens of the world without infrastructure. The economic activity of a country depends heavily on the services provided by society which are closely linked to infrastructure. It is central to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 such as in education, health, access to energy, drinking water and hygiene among others. The 3 dimensions (economy, environment, and society) of sustainable development are affected by the fundamental role of infrastructure since each piece (a power plant, a hospital or a water supply network) of the system whose elements are brought together presents an inestimable potential reinforcing these 3 pillars. Below, here is an overview of the benefits as well as the challenges of a good infrastructure.