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MBMS - Multi Border Management System

Current international events encourage governments to reinforce the authentication and passenger verification methods at the entry points of their territory (border crossings, airports, international railway stations, etc.).
MBMS (Multi Border Management System) is a border management system developed by Semlex to reinforce the efficiency and productivity of security officers. Its technology facilitates verifications and accelerates the border crossing procedures.



  • Securing entry and exit points at the borders
  • Verification of travelers’identity and documents
  • Recording of border crossings in a centralized database
  • Quick and reliable processing of information
  • Preparation of reports, statistics and notifications
  • Recording of entries and exits
  • Verification of residence rights
  • Preparation of lists of wanted persons and stolen documents
  • Establishment of Automatic crossing gates (e-Gates)
  • Connection to international databases (24/7 Interpol, ICAO)

In accordance with the international standards of ICAO



Opening a passenger file:

  • Reading of the MRZ of the travel document
  • Reading of the 2D barcode
  • Reading the chip of the travel document

Capturing fingerprints and photos:

  • Taking personal data by reading ZLA (Automatic
    Read Zone)
  • Taking of fingerprints of the passengers (2 to 10)
  • Taking the photograph
  • Quality check of the data
  • Saving in the database

Verification of alphanumeric data:

  • Search history
  • Search the alphanumeric data
  • Determination of the presence or absence on the blacklist

Verifying the use of documents:

  • Verification in 1:1* of biometric data of the document (Semlex 2D barcodes)

Verification of biometric data:

  • Comparaison 1: n** of biometric data with the blacklist
  • Arresting of wanted persons

Data archiving:

  • The passenger information is recorded in the database

Administration : 

  • Preparation of statistics
  • Editing of reports
  • Blacklist management
  • Management of crossing right

* Comparison of a biometric data with a series of
reference biometric data
** Comparison of a biometric data with other data

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