After our certification to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards in May 2017, we obtained ISO 27001: 2013 certification in May 2019. We have adapted our SMI to standardize our certifications in 2020.
Our company is better and better positioned on the market in the biometrics sector thanks to the professionalism of our teams, and the constant concern to evolve by improving ourselves in our development, sales, integration, delivery and operational support of systems activities. electronic and biometric identification.
In recent years, in addition to the pragmatic concepts of quality that have been transmitted to the staff of the company, the operation incorporates this daily concern for improvement.

This development and the continuity of our action are necessary to:
• Consolidate our growth, and adapt our organization;
• Face the competition and continue to be an important player in our sector;
• Maintain and pursue what is important to our clients: our efficiency in our services and the satisfaction of their needs and expectations;
• Guarantee the confidentiality of information, in particular sensitive data;
• Maintain the integrity of information;
• Improve the availability of information and operated services;
• Ensure compliance with applicable laws and requirements.
To respond to this, management undertakes:
• To develop and continuously improve the IMS in order to consolidate its performance in terms of both quality and the environment, and the security of the information system in accordance with the action plan in force;
• To comply with all applicable and other requirements in terms of quality, environment and information security;
• To implement the necessary means to protect the environment, prevent pollution and reduce the environmental impacts associated with Semlex’s activities, in particular by reasoned management of consumption and waste as well as by optimizing energy performance of the building ;
• To provide the necessary means so that the quality, environmental and information security objectives can be achieved;
• Ensure the security of infrastructure and buildings;
• To optimize the documentary system;

• To free up the resources necessary to maintain and develop our integrated policy.
I ask all staff to subscribe to this policy by continuing to become personally involved in this organizational system, and to respect the rules and procedures implemented through consultation.
The quality, environmental and information security objectives are reviewed annually in management review.
This declaration will be adapted whenever necessary, so that it is in line with our philosophy, our objectives and our activities.

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