Semlex in Ivory Coast – ID Production Capacity Increases

On November 5, 2021, Semlex Ivory Coast had the pleasure of welcoming the General Director of ONECI, our partner for the project of setting up the national register in Ivory Coast. More information in the articles below.        

Digital identification in Ivory Coast

It is an honor to participate in the success of the ambitious digital identification project in Ivory Coast, which aims to put in place a modern civil status and secure identification system that allows citizens to better benefit from identity-based services. Discover in this article (english below) the presentation of …

Charity Diner

We are very pleased to invite you on October 23rd to the castle of Rivieren for the 2nd annual General Assembly of the Mbeka foundation which will be followed by a charity dinner and dance. We are already looking forward to your presence! To ensure that this beautiful human and …

Working together for a better future

“(…) Modern philanthropy is the transfer of resources (financial, in-kind, voluntary) freely given by private actors to serve the common good and the general interest: health, education, solidarity, culture, environment (…)” To read Semlex For Education‘s full article on philanthropy, go HERE.  

Dare to dream, entrepreneurship is accessible to all

“(…) Many of us dream of becoming entrepreneurs, for example. Being an “entrepreneur” is accessible to everyone: men, women, whatever your origin, income, social situation and education, everyone has the right to launch his or her economic activity. To succeed, you must have a strong commitment to your project, a …

Read and write, it’s a fundamental fact, right?

How to do when you don’t know how to read or express yourself in writing? You will say to me, but it is the base “to read & write”, we learn that from our youngest age. Yes yes, but unfortunately not for everyone. As previously mentioned in the article “Handi…what? …

Access to health services for everyone through Semlex For Education

Semlex, through Semlex For Education, aims to enable everyone to have easier access to healthcare. To learn more, click HERE.

Nouveau partenariat pour Semlex For Education

Semlex For Education est très heureux de vous annoncer son nouveau partenaire dans l’éducation: Enneaboost. Pour le découvrir, c’est par ICI.

Teambuilding Semlex Europe

Finally! The sun is back in Belgium and with the gradual lifting of health restrictions, Semlex Europe thought it would be the perfect time to organize a barbecue to bring all its partners together for a convivial moment. With this turbulent year, some new employees had not yet met their …

Semlex for Education – The blue gold is evaporating!

Let’s not look the other way, let’s collaborate because access to drinking water changes lives! (…) During the World Summit on the Earth in Johannesburg in 2002, Jacques Chirac pronounced these words: “Our house is burning and we are looking the other way, we cannot say that we did not …

How to break the vicious circle of precariousness?

(…) Living in precariousness is not and has never been a primary choice for anyone. Unfortunately, we do not choose where we are born, that is to say, neither our country nor our family. 10% of the world’s population, or more than 700 million people, struggle every day to meet …

Semlex protects the identity of citizens

“(…) Avoiding identity theft and the commercialization of personal data are more than ever major challenges. (…) The Belgian company Semlex – with extensive expertise in the development, integration, operational management and delivery of biometric identification systems – has already provided its expertise in more than thirty countries.(…) ” Thanks …

1000 Solutions to change the world

A few weeks ago we introduced you to Estia Synergie and Sotrad Water, our partners in our solar pumping projects with Semlex For Education. Today we are very happy to announce that the Pump&Drink, a product invented by Sotrad Water and installed by Estia Synergie, has been selected by the …

ID4Africa 2018 Abuja

Semlex is proud to participate in the ID4Africa Forum, which will take place in Abuja, Nigeria, from April 24 to 26, 2018. We look forward to welcoming you at booth B17!

Dominica – Electoral Office presents Semlex Biometric network system and eID enrollment

Dominica – The Dominican Electoral Office explains how Semlex Biometric Network System (BNS) is used to securely gather citizens datas, along with the enrollment process to obtain the new electronic national identity card. Click here to see the full video  Semlex developed the BNS, a unique system based on biometric …

Semlex in 13th ICAO TRIP Symposium 2017

Semlex will attend the 13th Symposium on the ICAO Traveller Identification Progamme (TRIP) as Sponsor and Exhibitor, from 24th until 26th of October in ICAO Headquarters. The key points of the seminar will be MRTDs specifications, border control and identification management. Meet our team at booth33 !

id4africa Semlex

ID4Africa 2017: Pathways to digital identity

Semlex is happy to renew its participation in the ID4Africa forum as sponsor and exhibitor. The event will take place in Namibia from 26th until 28th of April. Meet Semlex team at booth D6! 


Semlex exhibitor for the 12th ICAO TRIP Symposium

Semlex will be pleased to participate in the 12th ICAO TRIP Symposium that will take place in the ICAO Montréal Headquarters. Meet us at booth 21, from 15th until 17th of November 2016. The Symposium will address the ICAO Traveller Identification Program, MRTD standards and best practices, document security, identification …

id4africa Semlex

ID4Africa 2016

Semlex will participate as exhibitor for ID4AFRICA, the Annual Pan-African Forum & Exposition on digital identity (eID) and its applications for driving socio-economic development in Africa, from 24th to 26th of May in Rwanda. Come and meet Semlex team at booth C9! 

SDW 2016

Semlex will attend the 10th SDW Conferences and exhibitions on Security Documents, from 10 to 12 May 2016 in QEII Centre, Westwinster, London.

ICAO Semlex

11th ICAO MRTD Symposium

Semlex will attend the 11th ICAO MRTD* Symposium in Montréal, from 14th to 16th of October. *Machine readable travel document

DR Congo selects Semlex for the production of the biometric e-passport

Semlex has been selected by DR CONGO to implement a biometric identification system for the production of biometric e-passports.


Semlex has installed a Border Management System at the international airport

83rd Interpol General Assembly

Semlex will be pleased to meet you at the 83rd Interpol General Assembly, from the 3rd to the 7th of November More information here

Semlex, exhibitor for the 8th International Electoral Affairs Symposium

Semlex will attend the 8th International Electoral Affairs Symposium in Kenya, from the 25th to 27th of June 2014  

Jubaland State selects Semlex for the production of its biometric identity documents

Semlex has been awarded to implement a system for the production of biometric documents of Jubaland State (Somalia) Semlex will manufacture ID cards, deeds certificates, civil servant cards, driving licenses, car registration, plates, visas and resident permits using biometrics

Comoros: Water treatment station

On April 12 took place the inauguration of a water treatment station offered by Semlex to Moheli under the patronage of the president Ikililou. This station will allow people to have access to drinking water

Madagascar: Biometric e-passport

Semlex installs a Border Management System at the international airport and produces the new biometric e-passport.