1. Excise Stamps

Semlex is able to provide and secure excise stamps of all products subject to customs duty. These excise stamps have several advantages as they enable to track the goods which drops customs fraud. When the QR code scanned by a security officer, this person sees two kinds of information:

  1. The stamp information which consists of several images with description which helps the officer to physically verify all the security features.
  2. The product information such as nature of product, LOT number, status (stolen, activated, pending), the geolocation of the product, previous control history with the location.

 Example excise stamp with different security features

Example excise stamp with different security features

2. Security Features 

The excise stamps which are personalized offer the following security features:

Excise stamps with track & trace

Example excise stamp with different security features

  • Highly secured paper
  • Numbering
  • Visible and invisible UV
  • UV fiber
  • Positive and negative micro-texts
  • Anti peeling pre-cut safety
  • Personalized hologram

3. Software

A highly secure dedicated website will be created and enables silent alerts. For example: the LOT is flagged as stolen, the LOT is in the wrong location or the tax is unpaid. The access to this website will be secured using a login and a password provided by Semlex.

Example of the Track & Trace mobile website


4. Important benefits

These excise stamps will allow to:

  • Track goods subject to customs (Track & Trace)
  • Increase the state revenue
  • Number and follow the goods
  • Drop customs fraud
  • Draw statistics of consumptions per goods and region

The economic and financial impacts are huge for the country and lead to good governance and management of the country.